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Duck Foot™
Duck Foot™
Duck Foot™

Duck Foot™

Duck Foot™ paddle tines slide over the factory tines and attach to the reel pipe of a combine header with a unique patented clip system. Outfitting a header with a Duck Foot™ on every 2nd tine keeps the cutter bar clean, creating an even feed for better threshing which improves yield and increases ground speed.
Fast & easy installation
Field tested and proven to reduce header loss
Beneficial in a wide variety of crops
Made from resin with physical, mechanical and thermal properties to withstand extreme temperatures
“I am very impressed how well they feed the combine and keep the cutter bar clean on our JD930. We didn’t have them on our JD925 and the auger would get jammed because of the wad feeding. We do now! You have a great invention and wish you all the best.”
Doug Kendall
The Duck Foot paddle tine is protected by one or more of the following patents and industrial designs: USD805561; US10440890; CA178561; AU2017251739; AU2017016526; AU201916603 Other domestic and international patents and industrial designs pending. Duck Foot is a trademark of Duck Foot Parts Inc.

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